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The Dirtiest Word

Shocked, scared sick, stupid

All these things I am

Never should’ve told her

Foolish to seek comfort

There’s never any comfort

Just wanted her love

Now I’ve her sympathy


Ashamed to have told

Bruises, belts, broken paddles

Fits of temper


Hitting every stair

The truth feels guilty like a lie

She hurts for me

Calls it what it is

But that word isn’t mine

Try to backtrack

Change her mind

Afraid I’ll be in trouble

Scared he’ll be as well

Defend him

Say it’s not his fault

Find a way to get away

Go back home from camp

What you know

Is safer than what you don’t

It’s ok, you’re used to it

You’ll be eighteen someday


In a Moving Car

With your back up against the wall,

do you fight him, or do you run?

When you’re trapped with no one to call,

the trouble’s only just begun.

It’s not your fault you’re in his thrall,

with your battle lost, but his won.

        -You shouted, fought, gave it your all.

           Betrayed to this fate, by someone

           who’s meant to catch you when you fall.

           Treated like ‘twas some tale you spun,

            your fears were meritless and small.-

So, you’re the punchline of his fun.

Powerless. Subject to his maul.

He knows you won’t tell anyone

you went along, you’ll take the fall.

It’s you, must live with what he’s done.