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Midnight Worship

Midnight Worship

The light of the night,

gentle solitude

ardent acolyte

in her midnight nude,

running from the light,

the night is her food.

Performing the rite

and setting the mood,

her heart’s fire alight,

will soon be imbued

with her muses’ might.

Divine strength renewed,

she’ll rest in delight.

Sensing day’s prelude,

far will flee the sprite.

Careful to elude

the sun’s vengeful sight,

knowing she’s pursued,

she’ll chase the twilight.


If You Hear A Whisper

If You Hear A Whisper

If you listen closely to the cool night air,

I think that you’ll find some whispers there.

The silence isn’t quiet and the darkness isn’t black.

Don’t turn ’round too quickly when there’s someone at your back.

Visions from the shadows aren’t what they seem.

You’re seeing what you’re seeing and it isn’t a dream.

You may think you were chosen, but that isn’t the case

And if you try to touch them, they’ll vanish without a trace.

Life in the darkness has its own set of rules;

Step into the light and we’ll all seem fools.

Hear what you want, see what you will, try until

you can control it with your own free-will.

The night belongs to you and you to the night;

It’s a part of you, neither wrong nor right.

Voices in the darkness are nothing to fear,

even when the visions are blindingly clear

’cause the things that you see belong only to you,

and the words that you hear will never come true.