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The Good Stuff

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The Good Stuff

Sharp, cool, summer nights,

Big Dipper, Little Dipper, North Star,

Whispers of a moving creek,

Chirping crickets,

Chorus of frogs,

Chattering, calling coyotes,



The stink of boggy water,
Earthy scent of horse,

Soft lips on your palm,

Campfire smoke,

Crackling logs,

Burnt marshmallows,



Lazy summer mornings,

Pickle jar in the sun,

Sweet tea over ice,

Rich aroma of coffee,

Sticky donut holes,

Crazy 8s and Rummy,



Deep winter calm,

Childish joy of life,

Musty smell of kerosene,

Dinner on the woodstove,

Snow drifts,

Numb, stinging face,



Frog spawn,

Fledgling ducks,

A toad for show and tell,

A disappearing salamander,

Mating frogs,

Shedding snakes,



Friday rituals,

The house is clean,

Evening peace,

Quartet music in the morning,

Sweet oat cereal,

Game night,



Bicycle rides,

A story before bed,

The hard forest floor,

Too hot, hot cocao,

A pleastly heavy backpack,

Oatmeal and fried eggs,



My Fuddy-Duddy (Memphis)


Eight years in a shelter,
but now we’re together,
forever, my fuddy-duddy.
His face is a lil odd,
offset and kinda flawed,
that’s why he’s my fuddy-duddy.
People stare in alarm,
they fear he’ll do them harm.
He’s my misread fuddy-duddy.
He’s running after sheep,
and talking in his sleep.
He’s my funny fuddy-duddy.
Seven soft kitties purr,
all wrapped up in his fur.
He’s their snuggly fuddy-duddy.
His farts can clear a room,
it’s such a vile fume!
He’s my stinky fuddy-duddy!
He’s smarter than he looks,
and takes us all for schnooks.
He’s my tricky fuddy-duddy.
Capering for a treat,
he’s not afraid to cheat.
He’s my cheeky fuddy-duddy.
Sneaking into the bed,
then quickly playing dead.
He’s such a sly fuddy-duddy.
He’s scared of the thunder
so I’m his defender.
He’s my scaredy fuddy-duddy.
He loves with all his heart,
he’s such a little flirt!
He’s my charming fuddy-duddy.
He will always defend
us, even to the end.
He’s my galant fuddy-duddy.
His huge smile says it all,
He wants to chase that ball!
Such a playful fuddy-duddy!
He is such an old man,
sore, but he barely ran.
He’s my creaky fuddy-duddy.
Cuddles at the ready,
He’s my great, big, baby,
a very loved, fuddy-duddy.