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The Good Stuff

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The Good Stuff

Sharp, cool, summer nights,

Big Dipper, Little Dipper, North Star,

Whispers of a moving creek,

Chirping crickets,

Chorus of frogs,

Chattering, calling coyotes,



The stink of boggy water,
Earthy scent of horse,

Soft lips on your palm,

Campfire smoke,

Crackling logs,

Burnt marshmallows,



Lazy summer mornings,

Pickle jar in the sun,

Sweet tea over ice,

Rich aroma of coffee,

Sticky donut holes,

Crazy 8s and Rummy,



Deep winter calm,

Childish joy of life,

Musty smell of kerosene,

Dinner on the woodstove,

Snow drifts,

Numb, stinging face,



Frog spawn,

Fledgling ducks,

A toad for show and tell,

A disappearing salamander,

Mating frogs,

Shedding snakes,



Friday rituals,

The house is clean,

Evening peace,

Quartet music in the morning,

Sweet oat cereal,

Game night,



Bicycle rides,

A story before bed,

The hard forest floor,

Too hot, hot cocao,

A pleastly heavy backpack,

Oatmeal and fried eggs,



For Sage

For Sage

No one knew her history.

No one knew her name.

She was old and whiskery,

yet no one for her, came.


The kitty was on discount.

We saw her through the bars,

so frail, and of small account,

but eyes like forming stars.


We brought her home that same night,

already so in love.

We learned she had little sight,

or much health to speak of.


She was sassy for her age.

She was bossy as hell.

She was full of fire,  our Sage

with her old lady smell.


At night, whiskers in my ear

or a weight on my chest,

letting me know she was near

‘fore going to her rest.


With each and every morning

came her yowl at the door.

“You’ll be late,” she was warning,

“And my food, I need more!”


From the beginning we knew

our time would be too brief.

Each moment with Sage flew,

turns out, time is a thief.


Just because I know it’s right

doesn’t make it simple.

You’ve given all to this fight,

it’s time, I’ve your signal.


Now, Sage, I’m putting off sleep,

it’s my last night with you.

There is naught to do but weep,

my heart is broke in two.


So Sage,  here is my goodbye.

This is my love letter,

my vow, my last lullaby-

I’ll love you forever.

To Mom

I ached for your love all these years
And waited for you though all my tears.
The arms that should have held me close
And the heart that should have loved me most,
Never even noticed when I was near.
It was just me with all of my fear.

Life broke my heart so many times,
I just needed you to read my signs.
Our home was gone before I knew,
Then my sister and my grandma too.
All I had was hurting, and still no you.
It was hard, finding my own way through.

Eventually, all my tears ran dry
And I began to wonder, “why try?”
I begged to take my sister’s place
And began to crave deaths warm embrace.
Yet still, you chose to be oblivious
‘Cause loving me, was too tedious.

There was so much pain inside me.
If only you’d been willing to see,
You could have shown me how to grieve,
But instead, underneath my sleeve,
The pain of my heart became visible.
What I did, was unforgivable.

And then one day you threw a fit,
That was when I started to get it.
You told me I was so selfish
That it had become your greatest wish,
For me never to have been born at all.
Only you could make me feel that small…

It took all I had to survive,
But now it is nice to be alive.
I asked you once, your reason why
You wouldn’t hold me, to help me cry…
Turns out it was all my fault after all,
‘Cause I wasn’t very lovable.

You showed me I was naught but dirt,
It was a nasty scar that you burnt.
Now I’m working hard everyday
Being me and learning how to play.
Thanks, mom, for showing me how not to be,
It has actually set me free.