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In a Moving Car

With your back up against the wall,

do you fight him, or do you run?

When you’re trapped with no one to call,

the trouble’s only just begun.

It’s not your fault you’re in his thrall,

with your battle lost, but his won.

        -You shouted, fought, gave it your all.

           Betrayed to this fate, by someone

           who’s meant to catch you when you fall.

           Treated like ‘twas some tale you spun,

            your fears were meritless and small.-

So, you’re the punchline of his fun.

Powerless. Subject to his maul.

He knows you won’t tell anyone

you went along, you’ll take the fall.

It’s you, must live with what he’s done.


About jaynejackson

I write, because if I didn't, my head would simply become too clogged with ideas and thoughts to function. I'm a bit quirky and in real life I tend to be quite blunt. Most of my writing tends to end up semi dark, but sometimes you can't really control where the story/poem takes you. I write for myself, but I sincerely hope that you'll find some enjoyment in my writing as well.

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