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Encounter with Death

​It was nowhere, but it could have been anywhere. Orange sun shone down upon a red rock canyon, yet no shade was cast by the dank skeletal mare, nor by her grim, somewhat inhuman, companion. 

Death, the smell of decay and his cold clammy stare, felt familiar and safe- full of compassion. He knew why I came, ’twas clear he saw my despair. He knew the question I, myself couldn’t fathom. Soundlessly he told me, with words both fell and fair, “They’re not coming.” Dream words that disappeared upon reflection. 
Nodding to me with a gentleman’s flair, he spurred his haggard mount to a gallop. The brawn of his fleshless army, whom I’d been unaware of, sped after him, far beyond the horizon.

In a red, dread silence, I pondered the affair. The weight that had been upon me was, strangely, gone. His answer brought me relief, although I would swear- that in my brief encounter with the dread captain, I never knew the question. Only the answer. Death knew, but I’ll forever seek that lost phantom.


About jaynejackson

I write, because if I didn't, my head would simply become too clogged with ideas and thoughts to function. I'm a bit quirky and in real life I tend to be quite blunt. Most of my writing tends to end up semi dark, but sometimes you can't really control where the story/poem takes you. I write for myself, but I sincerely hope that you'll find some enjoyment in my writing as well.

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  1. Love the imagery and the raw heat the poem brings.


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