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Then, There Was You

My hand heart
Before I met you,
I had forgotten who I’d been.
Maybe, I never even knew?
She was buried so deep within,
I never even had a clue,
but then I met you.
I knew you loved me,
I felt it, that very first night,
and that frightened me horribly.
What’s worse, was that it felt so right.
I had to get away quickly,
I had to get free.
But then, I missed you.
I wasn’t good at emotion,
so you said, being friends would do.
I thought that I was too broken
to ever really, love you true.
Good thing, you, were you.
You quietly stole
into my sad, everyday life
and then with care, you made me whole.
Did I know then, you’d be my wife?
My walls crumbled, I lost control
of my heart and soul.
Sitting all alone
one day, it finally hit me.
That lil thing, that you had always known,
that we were, simply, meant to be.
I needed you to be my own,
‘cause you, were my home.
When you slipped that ring
off of your finger, onto mine,
you caused my heart to start pounding
with more love for my valentine,
than I thought life, could ever bring.
If my heart could sing…
I am different now,
not at all like I used to be.
Turns out I like to laugh aloud,
make up rhymes and sing terribly…
all ‘cause you were able somehow,
to love me, out loud.

About jaynejackson

I write, because if I didn't, my head would simply become too clogged with ideas and thoughts to function. I'm a bit quirky and in real life I tend to be quite blunt. Most of my writing tends to end up semi dark, but sometimes you can't really control where the story/poem takes you. I write for myself, but I sincerely hope that you'll find some enjoyment in my writing as well.

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  1. Aww, so sweet!


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