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Stupid Girl

You’re so stupid, little girl. Did you feel clever when you locked yourself away? Did you think the dark would hide you from the world or save you from its sway?

You’re so stupid, little girl. Did you think that, if you were gone it couldn’t happen to you? Did you think the darkness would save her too?

You’re so stupid, little girl. You’ve been gone so long, you may have missed the worst, but it’s still all wrong.

You’re so stupid, little girl. You’re such a little fool. Won’t you ever learn that all they are is cruel?

You’re so stupid little girl, to think that you are strong. What a foolish hope to keep your whole life long.

You fool! Oh, how I hate you! How long have I wished you dead? And how I long to throw you from my head!

You little fool, such a poor little fool. I should pity you, and what a loathsome fact it is too, that I do.

You useless little idiot. I ache to hurt you. My hands desire to grip your neck. To see the life fly from your eyes and wreck.

You’re so stupid, little girl. Do you even know how lucky you are, to have been huddled away while I got all the scars?

You poor little fool, do you hate me, as much as I hate you? What a dismal fate it is, for us to be one and not two.


1000 Times I’ve Lived My Death

Headlights pierce the dark

Rain slams upon the pavement

City reflected


Stately, gothic bridge

River flowing far below

Cruel rocks gaze up


Speed up. See, just there?

That’s the place, jerk the wheel. Fall.

A freed soul: Darkness


Brooked in an instant

The vision recedes: Coward

Tha-thump, solid ground

On Repeat

I am repeated

Within myself-repeated

Tulmult repeated

House of Mirrors

It’s begun again

Descend, yourself, to madness

Feel the rush: free-fall 


Soul felt vertigo

Every color mixed to one

Or perhaps it’s none


There’s never an end

Spring dawns innumerable

You are the fractal

‘Round ‘n’ Around

A communal decision,

this stubborn belief in Reality.


Reality is perception-

Perception can’t be measured.


We live only in our minds,

we believe we exist, so we do.


We create the things we touch,

objects that can be felt, measured.


Sit on the stool we created,

perceive that it is there.


It’s there, but only in your mind-

Perception that can be measured.

One Mind

Other half of me,

have I kept you from freedom?

Can we share this space?


Feelings that aren’t mine

Impulses I push aside

Is it freedom lost?


But this is my mind,

there’s only room for the One.

Where do you belong?

Past Joys

Cattails gently sway

Bowed brown heads against blue sky

Mud squelches, frogs croak


Pine, Spruce, pierce the sky

Puma prints wind among trees

Coyotes praise the dusk


Musky scent of horse

Deep brown pools of liquid love

Soft lips tickle me


My love-ly prison

Watching old dreams through love’s bars

Heaven’s on this side